I Sushified My Basic AF Dinner And It Was AMAZING (RECIPE)

Yesterday was a too-hot-to-cook day.

I had some leftovers in the fridge and some smoked chicken which was about to expire. I also had some nori wraps which were holed up in the closet shaking hands with the Schezuan peppers and Chinese Five Spice. I decided to free them from the “fancy ingredients which will probably never be used” league and I created the following:

Smoked chicken, pumpkin noodle, fioretto, and spinach SUSHIRITOS.

If sushiritos aren’t already a thing, they should become one.


  • 3 nori sheets – wet them slightly at the edges
  • 90g baby spinach
  • 175g pumpkin noodles
  • 108g smoked chicken
  • 35g Fioretto florets – I chopped them up to make some kind of cauliflower rice substitute. You could also just use cauliflower rice.
  • 30g sliced pickles
  • 1 tbsp wasabi (I love spicy food so I put the wasabi inside the wraps but if you can’t handle a ton of heat, please put it on the side)
  • 10g sushi ginger
  • Soy sauce for dipping


  1. As previously mentioned, all of my ingredients were prepared. If yours are fresh, saute them in a little butter until just cooked.
  2. Lay out the nori wraps horizontally on a flat surface or bamboo roller and connect them at the moistened edges.
  3. Start assembling the sushiritos by layering the pumpkin noodles in the center of the wrap, leaving about a 5 cm gap on each side.
  4. Next, layer the spinach and fioretto.
  5. Layer the chicken on top of the veggies and spread the wasabi over it.
  6. Place the pickles and ginger on top of the wasabi.
  7. Here’s the tricky part: Fold the vertical edges of the nori around the filling (moisten it some more if it doesn’t stick). Make sure the corners are stuck down.
  8. Roll the sushirito up gently but make sure everything is packed tightly. You don’t want to break the nori but at the same time you want a firm roll. Hold the roll in place for about a minute while the nori absorbs the moisture of the ingredients.
  9. Slice down the middle and serve. Or just eat it.