Build your own to-go meal!

Summer is looming which means we are entering the realm of “too hot to cook weather.”

Enter, your favorite grocery store and their ready-to-eat aisle.

This need not be an ordeal. It’s hot – there’s no need to reach for pies and sodium-riddled curries. The idea is to decant the meal into a bowl and serve. If the ready meal requires any kind of heating, put it down.

Here, I’ve thrown together a quick salad using Woolworths’s greek salad, cottage cheese, caper berries, and smoked fish. I topped it with a small sachet of greek dressing and some pine nuts and voila! Mediterranean, heart-healthy, satiating, cold, tasty salad.

In my second creation, I went a bit bolder in terms of flavor:

image1 (1)

Smoked fish, avo, and grapefruit salad with homemade tzatziki

Again, I used a to-go Greek salad from Woolworths, and topped it with their smoked fish. I had some Hass avocados on hand so I sliced up half of one, as well as half a ruby grapefruit. If you hate the taste of grapefruit, any sweet citrus or deciduous will work just as well. My homemade Tzatziki was made using double cream yogurt, grated cucumber, chopped italian parsley, and Nandos’s garlic and herb seasoning.

The takeaway message:

Dinner need not be a sweltering affair – you can save that for afterwards 😉